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When we moved into our house nearly 6 years ago, I was stunned at how much tile was in the house.  Virtually 90% of our first floor is tile, and portions of the upstairs are tiled too.  Sure, tile is easy to clean, but it’s also a magnet for dirt and fur.  Over the years I’ve gotten used to it, but there’s certainly been a learning curve.  Here are my tips for keeping tile floors clean and fur free when you have pets:

Get a good mop.  For me, that’s the Libman Tornado Mop.  America’s bestselling mop, the Libman Tornado Mop has a large mop head to cover 50% more surface area and 3 green bands to prevent tangling.  The polyester yarn resists odor-causing bacteria and is ideal for any surface.

Find a good pet-safe, non-toxic floor cleaner.  Even if you lock your pets up while your cleaning, those chemicals will remain on the floor long after it’s dried.  Every time your dog grabs a treat or food off the floor they will come in contact with them, causing a potential hazard.  And let’s face it, dogs lick the floor for no reason at all sometime.  Best to use a cleaner that’s safe for them.  You might need to try one or two to find the perfect one for you, but I promise, there are lots of great pet-safe, non-toxic floor cleaners out there!

Sweep often.  Oh, the pet hair…so, so much pet hair.  I actually had no idea how much my pets shed until we moved into a house with tile floors.  I feel like I could easily construct a whole new pet with how much pet hair is left behind on a weekly basis.  To combat this, we sweep often.  It doesn’t minimize how much our pets shed, but it keeps the floors tidy between mopping and it’s a great way to get the kids involved in cleaning the house.  My kids just love to sweep.

Don’t skip a mopping.  I recommend mopping the floor once a week or once every other week at the absolute least.  If you skip a week or 2, your floor will definitely show it.  Best to find a routine that works for you and stick with it.

Get messes right when they happen.  When it comes to tile, a little mess can become a big mess very quickly.  Those muddy prints tracked in by the dog can be stepped in by kids who then track them all over the house.  Similarly, a small spill can get become a big mess.

Don’t forget the grout.  With pets and kids running around, grout can easily get dirty and discolored.  Regular mopping will help to clean the grout, but for best results use the Libman Scrub Brush for this one.

What are your tips for keeping tile floors clean and fur free?

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