Each day between 3pm and 4pm, it hits – my need to snack.  It’s undeniable, and particularly bad on days when I work at my office.  Sure, I had lunch, but I need that little extra something to get me through the day.  If I choose to ignore the itch to snack my productivity goes down – I’m hungry and irritable and not terribly focused – but if I indulge I often end up eating a ton of extra calories and fat that I don’t need.  Because as we all know, one cookie often leads to another and another and another…  Here are just a few of my tips for snacking in the office, including ways to make healthier choices!

Pack protein.  Yes, I know, the cookies in the office snack closet are probably calling your name, but they won’t fill you up.  Instead, snack on high protein items like Greek yogurt, Weight Watchers Light String Cheese, or peanut butter.  They’ll fill you up and get you through the day, but you’ll still be ready for dinner after picking up the kids.

Make healthier sweet choices.  Craving a sweet snack and nothing else will do?  I totally get it; we’ve all be there.  Instead of indulging, try substituting a healthier alternative like Weight Watchers Red Velvet Snack Cake or Weight Watcher’s Lemon Creme Cake.  Found in the Publix bakery area, I can assure you that they’re every bit as moist and sweet as the items sold behind the counter, but with far less calories and fat.Weight Watchers at Publix Lemon Creme Cake

Stay away from “fishy” snacks.  This is just basic office etiquette.  Love sardines?  Think they make a great snack?  Keep them at home.  The stink eye you get from your coworkers might be worse than the scent that’s left in the hallway after you heat them up in the microwave.  If you want a hot snack, try Jolly Time 100 Calorie Healthy Pop Butter instead.  That’s a smell that won’t put you on the receiving end of the stink eye…just don’t burn it!Weight Watchers at Publix Jolly Time 100 Calorie Healthy Pop Butter

Label your snacks.  If you’re using a communal fridge or pantry to store your snacks, be sure to label them.  You might think this makes you look a little crazy, but it should ensure that your snacks are still there when the you’re ready to eat them.  Even better, place your snacks that need refrigeration inside your lunch bag that way no one can say that they didn’t know they were yours.

Always have a secret snack stash.  It happens to everyone, you go running out the door in the morning and forget your lunch at home.  Sure you can order lunch, but when that 3pm – 4pm window rolls around, you’re really going to miss the snacks you packed in that lunch bag.  To avoid this, have spares handy.  Why do you think your desk has so many drawers anyway?  Perfect place to stash those extra snacks!Weight Waters at Publix Red Velvet Creme CakeWhat’s your favorite healthy snack for the office?  Leave me a comment letting me know!  And be sure to look for Weight Watchers snack options the next time you’re out at Publix!Weight Watchers at Publix Products

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